商务英语case study Fortune Garments

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第一单元的表演台词 Fortune Garments
Wang An Fu: Good afternoon, I think you have heard the bad news that globalization has brought crisis in our company’s oversea markets and its share price, if the crisis couldn’t solve soon, the whole funds will be frozen, then be taken over by other company. In the last conference, we have discussed three problems, today, we come to other problems, so, Jian Yang you management department reports your finding first. 建阳: Mr. Michael. Last week we have done a survey and come into a 建阳 report. We have found that the managers of subsidiaries complain that they are unpaid which make them demotived and feel their contribution to the group’ profit is undervalued. As for this point, I am thinking if we s can carry on some measures, such as welfare politic or financial assistance to their children. Wang An Fu: What a creative idea. Yes, everyone likes to be affirmed their values, we need to create much more challenges to make full advantage of their ability. And next problems?

林一红: 林一红:there still many managers are complaining about their little share in the company. So the most important problem is to deal with

the share between mangers and our company. 建坤: 建坤:E```maybe we could have a share in the profits of subsidiary, how
about 5% to 10% share ?

Wang an fu: As for the share-split-up, personally I can’t decide whether
the head office will separate some parts to the managers, but I will put it forward on the board of directors to further discussion. And any other problem

林一红:Yes, the other problem is that all the mangers reported that 林一红 they did not have enough freedom of action. They want more automony and less control from head office over finance pay and sources of material. And I discussed it with Joson the other day, now let Joson to tell us the results ,Joson…. 建阳: 建阳 About this problem ,if managers want more autonomy and less
control from head office, they should behave well and keep good performance every quarter only in this way can wefeel at ease.

JK : But it is unfair to some subsidiary that are located in poor
areas.we all kown ,the economise between developing countries and developed countriesare different.the standards or consumption between them could not compare .that is unfair.

Wang An Fu: As for this, the head office will take some useful steps to
expand their potential markets, for example, we will give them enough funds and technology supports and train their employees as long as they

have a better performance compared with the last month. And any other ?

林一红: And then the last problem in our mange department is about 林一红: the QC department ,the quality control.In this aspect ,it is still the big problem for us.We do not do well in it until now ,so as far as I am concerned.Our managersh the staff and communicate with them more oft should contact wien,then to find the problems and solve the problems together to process together. 建阳: 建阳 I totally agree with you. Quality is a company’s image. Quality
control can influence our company’s development in the future. So we have to enhance the quality control in the production process. We can also communicate more with other company’s managers to share good resources with each other, learn from each other and improve each other.

Wang An Fu: we need to keep a close watch over every aspect of the
materials, production process and the after-sale-services, so, after meeting. Joson you deliver the careful quality control to all the staffs, Okay?

建阳: 建阳:All right, sir. I’ll take charge of that later and give you a reply.
Wang An Fu: then, lets come to the workers, JK so what is your findings?

JK: Yes, ladies and gentleman, I, as the representative of staffs, have to
state some of problems that our workers face . The first, because of the poor safety regulations and the common industrial accidents. staffs turnover is high. If our company will do that , I express my appreciation on behalf of our staffs.

Wang An Fu: Yeah you are a considerate manager, always stands for
the workers’ interests, here I want to emphasis the life security, we MUST make every effort, take every measure to protect the workers’ life, life is the most important in our company! And then the staff-turnover is a potential peril, we lost some valuable assets for our future development, so, we need to improve the safety regulation to keep the turnover from happening.

JK: Another problem is the low wage, many staffs think they receive do
not value their contribution to their company. so let staff sharing the profits of company, even very little ,about 0.1%to 0.5%.that is a good way to improve the motivation of our staffs.

建阳: 建阳 Are you crazy? If everyone wants to become a shareholder that
will cost a lot, I’d rather giving them some award in the end of the year which might be more practical.

Wang An Fu: yes I agree with your idea, but as for the stock-split-up, I
need a further discussion. Especially the overtime work, we must give them extra pay, even double pay! And next problem?

JK: The third problem we face are the condition of office. at moment
the overcrowed and badly ventilated make lots of complain among staffs.

建阳: How about doing regular inspection to plant machine. It’s the most 建阳:
essential way to ensure the safety of workers.

林一红: 林一红:I have an idea about the problem ,it is to provide a life

insurance for every worker in our company. At the same time ,we should improve our basic facility. In some degrees, I think you are really crazy. I approve of Joson’s opinion. But do not ignore the welfare. It is quite a good way to solve the problem by prociding more good welfare.

建阳: 建阳 Maybe we can fix air-condition and supply heating in the most of
the place. Besides, we can provide cool water in summer and hot water in winter.

JK: I really agree with your idea. that is wonderful.
Wang An Fu: A better environment, a better performance, so every department should make sure that their employees are satisfied with the environment.

JK: Finally we have to sove the communication problem between staffs :
and supervisors. we all know sometimes the supervisors are not the local people or just could not say local languish .that leads to some staffs could not have something talked with them.

Wang An Fu: Lifelong Learning, I think, is the most useful way to
solve the communication problems, they need to adapt themselves to the challenging world--- survival of the fittest! After ten minutes’ discussion 。。。。 。。。

Wang An Fu: Almost all problems are discussed, I hope our company

can have bright future with a such creative group, let’s fight for the great blue print of our company together! And let us call it a day.

第二次表演台词 Focus Advertising 林一红: 林一红:First ,I am the manger of the Focus company, and now please allow me to have a brief introduction of Focus. As a large advertising agency, it has a reputation for creating imaginative and effective campaigns. The Kinson and Miracle fist as our two major clients now become our rival agencies. So the hard situation requires us to have the update concept and idea for our product to adjust to the comparative market.(look at the PPt). And last week , we got an order that is to make an advertisement for the sports car –Mini .And this is the photo of Mini .And the main point about Mini, I think the person who to give the ad idea must gasp it(look at the PPt), In order to have the most popular ad idea for Mini, Foucus decideds to have an interview to the prodigy professional person.. And here is our interview ad.(look at the PPt), So now, our interview starts ……(the interviewees coming) First, introduce yourself please…… 建阳: 建阳 : Hello, I’m Joson.I have worked in another advertising company for four years.But my wage is lower than a man for the same job .So I’m here now.

王安福:Good afternoon, My name is Andy, my speciality is 王安福 broadcast advertising ,and I have four years of working experience in the advertising company. During these years, I have achieved some excellent performance with my teammates. Today I apply for the car advertising just on the basic need of my team . JK: Hello manager, I am honor to introduce myself. I am JK , the group leader of the Creative A in focus advertising company. I graduated from Fu Qing University and have been the job for seven years. Today, I will be on behalf of our group to make the presentation of advertising campaign. 林一红: 林一红:So you are all in the ad major, and you all have the high education and all are excellent in your past, what’s more ,you all have pretty experience before. So I expect for your much better behavior. And then I want you to have a brief introduction about your idea. So JK first please…… JK :2:As you required ,our group made an originality to relaunch the MiNi sports car. we all know ,modern people are under heavy pressure and sometimes they just want to return to nature ,to be oneself, so we use “get away” as our key message, which also fit the feature of fun and style. 林一红: 林一红:Yes, there is not doubt that your idea is rather creative and attractive. I am quite curious about your idea “get away”, what does

it mean in Chinese? JK :YES, get away“开溜” 林一红: 林一红:Yes ,an excellent translation “开溜”, And how about you, Johnson? 林一红: 林一红:Then , Endy? 王安福: 王安福:My advertising concept is out of the radio, maybe a lot of people don’t think highly of the prospect of the radio, but in fact radio has many advantages that other media don’t have, and my team has many successful cases of radio advertising, so give me the chance, I believe I can reform the reputation of the car’s selling. 林一红: 林一红:So Endy, you want to build the reputation for our company by broadcasting. But how are you sure you can attract the consumers? 王安福: 王安福:Radio is different from the TV commercial or newspaper advertising. Because radio is a pure hearing media, it transmits information only by voice. In another aspect, the choice of the background music decides whether the radio is successful or not, so the well-combination of the script, voice, and music will create an imaginary space for customers to capture our products’ imagination. Here is the script: The Fast and The Furious, That is Life! I draw this script from the famous movie The Fast and The Furious, which reflects some natures of our cars, and the radio host broadcasts the

script with a passionate intonation in the prime time, I think this will suit for the customers tastes to buy our cars. 林一红: 林一红:Well, and can you now please tell me what the clear and effective message in your idea? 王安福: 王安福:Firstly, the advertising cost of the radio is lower than other media, so we can gain more benefits, to put it plainly, radio is a low cost and high income business, secondly, in many developed areas, there are more and more rich people who likes listening to the radio when they are having lunch, or drawing their car, anytime they want, they can listen to our program, it’s quite convenient for customers~! 林一红: 林一红:Yes ,wonderful. And it is profitable for our company, and the concept is really imaginational. The best is that it is beneficial for the consumers. So, how about you two? About the question just now I asked Endy, and what is your answer? 建阳; 建阳; I have come up with an advertisement logo. That is ‘ Drive the
Mini car, catch the wind’. And I will print some special point in ads to differenciate the product. That might be enough.

JK : In order to introduce our unique selling points and attract our
customers. we create a dynamic ,dimensional advertisement. the content of Ad is a famous man driving our car on a countryside rode through a quiet forest. After a tiring day. according to the contract between the noise , tired ,fidgety in city and quiet ,relaxed . natural in countryside. Let

our potential customers to realize it is necessary for them to own one MINi sports car to suit their status and enjoy their lives.

林一红: 林一红:How are you sure you your idea can make the consumers remember? JK JK : TV commercial ,because our item of advertising should be shown
by TV. the dynamic dimensional and sounds will be more fashion and attractive. and I also think TV is generally used by lots of people, it will help us own more potential customers.

林一红: 林一红:And Johnson, if I like you’re the idea you put forward, but the client do not like it ,how will you deal with this problems? 建阳: 建阳 Nothing is perfect and we are not the clients .I can’t make an idea
that suits my clients completely. So, at first I would try to speak out as many advantages as possible to make them ignore others .After that ,if they are still not satisfied, I’ ask them where needs to change and what’s ll their requirement. I think , finally, I will give my clients a satisfactory response.

林一红: 林一红:And if your idea is adopted, which media will you choose and why? Joson. 建阳: 建阳:As for me, I prefer to put the ads in the newspaper. You know,
many executives need to read newspaper to get the new information of market. So they can easily read our ads unconsciously.

林一红: 林一红:Ok the last question is what special promotion will you

choose at the start of our campaign? 建阳 In my opinion, for one thing, in order to release our customers’
economic pressure, we can allow them to pay by installment. For another thing, we can buy two month’ car insurance for them. I believe, if we do s so, we can attract much more customers than other company.

林一红: 林一红 how about you two?
JK: in order to adapted to local markets and own a larger market shares, we hold special promotion by sending gifts .such as giving free oil cards, free card paster and sending free caustic danger.

王安福: 王安福:I strongly recommend the method---old for new services, a customer can bring his old car to exchange a new one providing the condition is not too bad, I think this method will bring us the steady performance and more target customers! 林一红: 林一红:Yeah, and I am sorry because time is limited ,we must stop here ,and please wait for a moment ,then I will give you the result. …….. 林一红: 林一红:Thank you for your waiting, And now I announce that our winner is Endy, and the others are good ,too. And here is your score in each part.(look at the PPt) 林一红: 林一红:Thank you for your coming ,I hope we can have a farther coorperation. And Endy, you can go for work next Monday, congratulations……